Videos and Documentaries


I find the need to say that while I do not agree with everything posited in these films, I do agree with enough of their message to include them here.  Enjoy!

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve

This video provides a simple, yet, honest interpretation of the functions of any central banking system across the globe.  It is the truth that hardly any politician, respectable figure in the mainstream media, or banker will admit.  For a bit of my commentary on this, see my two posts entitled “The Federal Reserve Bank: The Lender of First and Last Resort” and  “The Federal Reserve: Money, Debt, and Inflation.”

The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, G. Edward Griffin

In this documentary, G. Edward Griffin explains his book The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.  This book is quite intriguing, and I must say, provides a sound explanation for the trends characterizing American finance in our generation.


Propaganda, or “perception management,” is the name of the game in this documentary.  Beware to those who are immediate skeptics to this kind of talk.  After you view this, you will have a hard time recalling a distant thought or memory you fail to relate to the overall message in this film.  You may not want to admit it, but it’s there!


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