Obamacare Exchanges Falsely Called ‘Marketplaces’

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It seems the new propaganda coming out of Washington attempts to disguise Obamacare’s state-run health care exchanges as “marketplace” exchanges. The deceit is of course that Americans will retain their freedom of choice when purchasing health care, or for making the decision to purchase any care at all for that matter. Most of us realize the deception in this, but the following piece from the Daily Caller’s Twila Brase, President of the Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, indicates the smoke-and-mirrors approach often taken by governments to pass and garner support for unpopular legislation.

The left-leaning Herndon Alliance reported on research that determined the best words to use to sell exchanges to the American public. The research found that the term “marketplace” was the best option, particularly with members of the public opposed to Obamacare or opposed to big government. Adoption of the word “marketplace” in place of “exchange” is now being promoted at both the state and federal level. For example, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently changed its exchange terminology. In an effort to build support for the exchanges, the HHS eliminated the term “health insurance exchange” and replaced it with “health insurance marketplace.” These efforts to dupe the public are disingenuous.

The reality is that on state insurance exchanges available health insurance plans will be limited by a host of federal regulations; personal privacy will be violated, because the exchanges will be connected to various state agencies and a wide variety of federal agencies — including the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense, the IRS, the Social Security Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services — that will share citizens’ data without consent; the federal government will use an individual’s income, tax, employment, medical, family and citizenship data to determine eligibility for coverage and premium subsidies; and it will be impossible to purchase health insurance without federal approval.

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Government Propaganda Cannot Hide Sinking Chinese Economy

Despite China’s reported weathering of the storm throughout global financial stagnation, Larry Lang reveals what many of China’s censored academics and intellectuals are saying behind closed doors regarding the vitality of their economy.

Lang’s assessment that the regime is bankrupt was based on five conjectures.

Firstly, that the regime’s debt sits at about 36 trillion yuan (US$5.68 trillion). This calculation is arrived at by adding up Chinese local government debt (between 16 trillion and 19.5 trillion yuan, or US$2.5 trillion and US$3 trillion), and the debt owed by state-owned enterprises (another 16 trillion, he said). But with interest of two trillion per year, he thinks things will unravel quickly.

Secondly, that the regime’s officially published inflation rate of 6.2 percent is fabricated. The real inflation rate is 16 percent, according to Lang.

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The implications are twofold for America.  Beyond the obvious impact of a faltering Chinese economy on the U.S. government’s ability to continue its record-level borrowing, the presence of government censorship and media manipulation are also a concern.  Mr. Lang stated, “Don’t think that we are living in a peaceful time now.  Actually the media cannot report anything at all.  Those of us who do TV shows are so miserable and frustrated, because we cannot do any programs.  As long as something is related to the government, we cannot report about it.”  If the Chinese can do it, so can other governments.

Regarding this, America is no longer the isolated bastion of free press and responsible government (indeed, it never has been). The term “free press,” is actually an oxymoron and is quickly being exposed as a misnomer.  According to John Stauber of PR Watch, western industrialized nations are actually more susceptible to complex forms of propaganda.  Its system of free-press, specifically its evolution into a corporatocracy, is uniquely positioned to distort facts or simply omit those stories and truths undesirable to the status quo.  Why is that you say?  After all, America is a democracy and democracies do not foster propaganda.  The truth is that all governments exhibit a certain degree of control over what information is furnished to the public.  In truth, America is no different in kind from China regarding collusion between giant media conglomerates and its elite establishment.  In many circumstances, they are one in the same.  Any substantive differences would likely be in the degree by which governments control information.

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