The following are either papers I wrote as an undergraduate or papers I am working on.  My interests vary, so the topics range from political philosophy to many aspects of public policy.  All comments are welcome.

Liberal Democracy- A New Foe in State Capitalism

This was my undergraduate senior thesis in political philosophy.  After recapping the development of liberal democratic ideology from the 17th century to present day, I examine how its chief attributes of individualism and property rights are increasingly impeded by state intervention via the economy.

Competitive Destruction in Higher Education- A New Paradigm

In this paper I examine a new academic environment amongst college students, whereby higher grades across the board is leading Universities to implement grade inflation policies.  After examining the literature, I discuss the pros and cons of such policies and whether they are conducive to a fair and adequate education.  In addition, I highlight one potential hazard of limiting high grades, as I utilize the constructs of game theory to demonstrate a student’s incentivized behavior to cheat given the implementation of grade inflation policies.

Privacy- Questioning the Unenumerated

This is a short paper I wrote as an undergraduate examining the extent to which privacy is a constitutional right.  I made my case within the context of Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479 (1965)



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