Dr. Yaron Brook on Government, Healthcare, and Individual Rights

The following is a brief address given by the Ayn Rand Institute‘s Yaron Brook on the inherent immorality of government involvement in health care.  As the Supreme Court finished up its hearings this week, much attention will continue to focus on whether the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will remain in tact, broken apart, or simply overturned.  What is important here however, is Dr. Brook’s focus not on the constitutionality of Obamacare’s individual mandate, but on the moral rightness of individual freedom.  Dr. Brook points out that such morality exists solely from the right of ownership of one’s life.  It is critical to realize that this tenet lies at the heart of the American experience; it is the essence of what America was founded upon.  Obamacare, then, while seeking to provision health care to 40 million Americans simultaneously destroys the very foundation of western democratic society.



On an additional note, you can find the Supreme Court transcripts for the hearings here.

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I have a B.S. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics with a minor in Economics. I finished school in 2010 and am currently working on independent research in various areas including political and economic philosophy, government, and history. I am also currently looking for work in research, particularly the social sciences dealing with public policy work. I aspire to a top-level graduate institution, but would first prefer some professional research experience. Some of my primary influences are Ayn Rand, Noam Chomsky, and Howard Zinn among others.

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