Capitalism’s True Legacy, Freedom and Plenty

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Anthony Gregory’s piece below exerts a passionate defense of our nation’s and the world’s namesake.  Indeed, capitalism has taken quite a beating over the past few decades. Yet, despite all the ideological debates among politicians, bureaucrats, and academics, one cannot deny that the fruits of capitalism are present all around us.  It was not government that provided us with our way of life. Rather, the twentieth century saw its progress forged from the furnaces of the human mind.   Ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and labor built the world we live in, not welfare, food stamps, social security, medicare and the myriad of state-funded programs that are now draining the coffers of Americans nationwide.

It is simply a fact that capitalism, even hampered by the state, has dragged most of the world out of the pitiful poverty that characterized all of human existence for millennia. It was industrialization that saved the common worker from the constant tedium of primitive agriculture. It was the commodification of labor that doomed slavery, serfdom, and feudalism. Capitalism is the liberator of women and the benefactor of all children who enjoy time for study and play rather than endure uninterrupted toil on the farm. Capitalism is the great mediator between tribes and nations, which first put aside their weapons and hatreds in the prospect of benefiting from mutual exchange.

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Gregory’s piece is not so much an argument as it is a simple reminder to the American people that capitalism works.  The primary debates coming out of Washington today are ideological, yet, it is the practical ideology of capitalism that produces. Capitalism’s three basic tenets of free-exchange, free-markets, and labor mobility are themselves based on freedom: the freedom to exchange my dollars as I see fit, the freedom for me to enter into any market absent artificial barriers such as government-mandated licenses, and the freedom to work where I choose.  What those in Washington do not have that proponents of capitalism possess in abundance is the substantive proof that our ideology is practical because it has produced the beds we sleep in, the food we eat, and a level of opulence that allows us leisure and the opportunity to raise responsible children who will continue in capitalism’s namesake.

Take a look at Gregory’s article, and remember that while capitalism is based on the ideology of freedom and production, its opponents will have you believe they can bring you the same degree of freedom, albeit from an ideology based on altruism, central planning, and the forced redistribution of wealth.

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